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China Container Industry Association Introduction

CHINA CONTAINER INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION, located in Beijing and established in 1993 with the approval from the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China, is a nationwide social organization with legal person qualification.

Remarkable Achievements

Focus On The Future

CCIA was established during the growth period of China container industry and it has gone through 22 years. China container industry has experienced development history which from small to large, from weak to strong, from a single manufacturing to providing integration services.

According to strong motivation of "Made in China", China container industry serves global container transportation and its manufacturing industry has been retaining its head position over 20 years in production and sales, the variety specification and intellectual property. The TEU of China container port has ranked first in the world for 10 consecutive years. American scholar Mark. Levinson said "Container change the world", we said: China container industry is a main force to change the world, and will make better.

Consistent Tenet

Constantly Creating Value

In the past 22 years, CCIA was dedicated to promote China container industry under sustained, stable, healthy and harmonious development. The objective of CCIA is to enhance competition ability of container industry in the international market and containerization rate in logistics and intelligence level of equipment. Under the framework of national law and international convention, CCIA will alliance with container manufacturing enterprises, service operations, scientific research institutions, industry management institutions and industry specialists to standardize and improve industry standard or convention; maintain order of industry competition;

report industry demands and make suggestions for development. It will not only promote the communication between government & enterprises, enterprises & enterprises but also plays an important role of a bridge linking.

Clustering Excellent Enterprises

Extending The Industrial Chains Continuously

CCIA had been formed a group of the world's largest container production enterprises such as CIMC, Singamas, CXIC that represented by excellent international container manufacturing enterprises, China container inspection and management authority-China classification society and other main enterprises and institutions from container production, suppliers, scientific research, inspection, repair and management etc.

In the end ofOct.2014,CCIA cooperateswith the Integrated Transport Federation of China Communications and Transportation Association (ITF-CCTA) for comprehensive strategic development through "Co-building and Co-management". This cooperation integrates main enterprises of ITF-CCTA from excellent enterprises of shipping, ports, railways, highways, aviation which connect effectively upstream and downstream in container industry. By integration of resources, expand membership scale and enhance the service capabilities, ITF-CCTA will create more development space for industry.

With new opening of "Co Build & Co Management", CCIA will integrate its own resource to expand member team quickly. In the future, CCIA also will form a new situation that will alliance with intermodal equipment production, service operation, scientific research, industry management institutions and individual which connects effectively upstream and downstream in industry chain.

Industrial Cooperation

Co-Build Co-Management

The new model of "Co-Build Co-Management" which contributed by CCIA and the integrated transport Federation of CCTA, open a new situation of resource integration and integrative development in industry association. The meaning of "Co-Build Co-Management"is both ownership authority of association keep independent but they share same human resource and work together.

CCIA is mainly focusing on container and related supporting manufacturing enterprises industry. The responsibility of the integrated transport Federation of CCTA is to promote the development of China intermodal transportation business. The structure of members covered railway cargo, port, shipping, road freight, integrated logistics, logistic planning research and logistic information industries etc. It is various types of transportation and integrated logistic service industrial chain.

ITF-CCTA had already formedan international transportation member network which covered 29 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. Therefore ITF-CCTA and CCIA can potentially complement to each other that is also a foundation to cooperation. For CCIA, the cooperation with ITF-CCTA, it is not only can realize the extension from main container industry to intermodal transportation relevant industries, but also can share all resources and benefits from ITF-CCTA. It is very helpful the development of China Intermodal Business.

Over past four years, the Sixth Council of ITF-CCTA has becoming to a very important and active role in researching field of China integrated transportation and modern logistics industry policy. Its main contributionsare as below: Advice over 12 proposal for NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission), Ministry of Transport, China Railway and regional industry competent departments; Provide 36specialized consulting service items for transport and logistics enterprises; Hold 20 times of national industry conventions and symposiums which also include greater influenced "China Intermodal Cooperation&Development Conference".

Clear Responsibility

Diversified Services

No.1 Become industry communication platform, produce coordinated development, motivate creativity

1) Meet and make conversations between government and enterprises, enterprises and enterprises, different countries industries and scientific research institution;

2) Provide more broad marketing materials via collaboration between association members and industry upstream and downstream;

3) Create value for industry progress by sharing advanced experiences of excellent enterprises;

4) Create cooperation opportunity, manage cooperation relationship;

5) Organize conference, motivate creativity via conversation;

6) Provide technical study and training, raise technical skill;

7) Organize university-industry cooperation; provide technical diving force for industry;

No.2 Aim to be "Think Tank" for industry healthy development

1) Analysis industry prospect, make industry survey, release industry market research and provide decision basis for government and enterprises;

2) Advice government and create good policy environment;

3) Monitor and count industry activities, legal environment and police changes, and release updated industrial news;

4) Set industry rules and standard to maintain justice, win more rights to speak;

5) Represent interests of industry and offer legal-aid;

6) Provide specialized consulting services and resolve the key problems of development;

7) Build specialized technical committee to service industry.

Understanding Interest Of Membership

Welcome To Join Us

1) You can send us your best advice and suggestions to our association to reflect your ideas;

2) We will offer you technical sharing platform, members can share their experiences in our association;

3) Members will have favorable price for any activities in association and have priority to express opinions &achievements.

4) Members will have right to vote and to be elected;they can improve their industrial status through the improvement of membership status;

5) Members can visit official website to read all analysis information of industry which offered by association secretariat to understand more information.

6) Other services and privilege please contact us.

How To Join

Want to join our Association please contact us by email

Chairman Mr. BoLiang Mai

Secretary-general Mrs. Jun(MuYuan)Li

Executive Board Members:

Mr. BoLiang Mai, President of China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (CIMC)

Mr. Tianhua Huang, President Assistant of China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (CIMC)

Mr. Lei Chu, General Manager of Marketing Department of Singamas Container Holdings Limited ("Singamas")

Mr. Yu Qiang Zhang, Vice President of CXIC Group Containers Company Limited

Mr. ShiYuan Huang, General Manager of &China Classification Society Quality Assurance Ltd (CCSC) &Vice secretary of party committee

Mr. Yang Tan, Chairman& General Manager of XinhuiYili Container Fittings Co. Ltd. China

Mr. JianPing Yang, Sales General Manager of Hempel (China) Ltd

Add: Room 410, Tower C, First ShangHai Center, No.39 Liangma Bridge Road, Chaoyang District,Beijing, China 100125
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